Transmission Flush Service In Kamloops

Why it is important...

Vehicles are equipped with three types of transmissions: automatic, manual or CVT (continuously variable transmission). The transmission fluid works by lubricating and cooling as it cleans. Vehicles have a wide range of maintenance intervals determined by their make and model and manufactures recommendations.

When you require a Transmission Flush…

We stock All Original Equipment Manufacturer Automation Transmission Fluids (ATF). Many of our competitors use an inferior ATF then add a friction modifier to “make the fluid meet your vehicles specs”. We believe this is a low quality, inferior alternative that we do not offer. We use only the BEST QUALITY FLUIDS that meet or exceed your manufacturer’s specifications!

So whatever your vehicle calls for or what your vehicle is used for we have the correct ATF for you.

We at Mobil 1 Lube Express Kamloops can also service transmission filters and trans-pans if required for an additional charge.

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